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OSHA citations do happen and OSHA has raised their penalties and fines starting in 2016. Even the most safe of businesses are involved in accidents.  If you are involved in an accident which results in an OSHA inspection & citation, we will work directly with you to significantly reduce any fines or penalties. 

If you are currently dealing with an OSHA citation, contact us for a FREE OSHA citation review. We will carefully review the information and citation with you and provide an experienced best assessment. We will gladly provide you with helpful recommendations, although we cannot guarantee the outcome of any case. 

In the event of a OSHA citation, our ongoing support customers receive the following types of services at no additional cost:

  • Initial Citation Review
  • Writing and Filing Appeals & Amendments
  • Partnering in all Informal Conferences and Hearings
  • Monitoring of the Appeals Process​
  • Comprehensive support from the beginning until the case closes

Compliance & Safety First is here to help you!

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