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COMPLIANCE AND SAFETY FIRST IN RANCHO CUCAMONGA                                                                                                                                                                                                      


OSHA requires that every employer conduct facility or job-site inspections periodically to identify hazards and unsafe practices. You are required to maintain records of these inspections. In working with Compliance & Safety First, you will receive a regular Comprehensive Inspection by an experienced and qualified safety inspector. After each inspection, we will provide you with a detailed report, complete with resources to fix, correct or abate the issues discovered.

 Depending on your needs, your inspections may include some of the following elements:

Identification of unsafe conditions and work practices
Comprehensive inspection report after each visit
Digital photographs of citable issues tied to OSHA regulations
Instructions, recommendations to correct unsafe conditions
Actions to abate and correct identified hazards
Review of current corrective actions and controls
Regulation & Compliance Review
Documentation Review
Selected Employee / Employer Interviews

                                                                      Different Types of Inspections include:

                                                                      Comprehensive Inspections (Wall to Wall)
                                                                      Task Inspections (Close look at a given job or task)
                                                                      Modular Inspections (Specific area inspections)
                                                                      Review of Current Safety Programs